The Three Yards Annual Fund

"A Pathway to Progress"

Old Harrovians, Current and Past Parents, Beaks, Support Staff and Friends are invited to participate in the Three Yards Annual Fund. This programme provides the extra support every year that is critical to Harrow's momentum and development. You may designate your gift in three ways; to a particular House, unrestricted for the School as a whole, or for bursaries that allow gifted boys to join Harrow who otherwise could not do so.


Since 2005 the Three Yards Fund has been the vehicle for regular annual giving to the School. Thanks to our contributors, all of the Houses have made significant progress in refurbishments, for example providing IT networks, a computer in every boy's bedroom, and extending and improving the facilities for boys such as Common Rooms, recreation areas and kitchens. In addition, bursaries have been made available that attract talented boys from diverse backgrounds who enrich the Harrow educational experience for all.


Almost without exception, the assets of the flourishing school you see at present were donated to Harrow by the generations who came before us. Now it is our time to give back for the boys today and those to come.


Participation is key and every contribution is meaningful, regardless of amount. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and support.


Go to "How to Support Harrow" on this website to make your gift. If you would like additional information, email William Landale - or William Vaughan -