Annual Results 2015/16


Running the Race at Harrow

At the Olympics in Rio this summer, team GB broke all sorts of performance records and has given cause for great national pride. At about the same time, Harrow exam results arrived and have given us equivalent measures of pride in the boys' achievements this year. With some particular strong subjects areas, high marks across the board and 25 boys gaining three A* grades or more at A-Level, our joy here also reaches Olympian Levels.


The Success of our sporting Olympians is no mistake. It can be attributed to a clear strategy backed by increased and consistent levels of funding since the late 1900s. Likewise at Harrow: investments made in the last two decades are now paying a telling dividend - demand for places runs high; academic, sporting and artistic achievements are great and the drive for excellence continues apace at the School. "Brand Harrow" is winning gold medals throughout the world with regards its reputation as a leading boys' boarding school. This must be good news for all Old Harrovians, parents and those connected with the community on the Hill.

It is well known, I am sure, that a culture of giving lies at the heart of Harrow; tradition and throughout most periods of its long history. The Elizabethans, Georgians and especially the Victorians all played their part in the expansion and growth of the School's buildings and unique estate.


Today is no different. Harrow has no option but to keep investing and upgrading in order to maintain its position at the forefront of education. The school would not exist without strong external, voluntary support; whatever form it may take. This is the role the Development Trust continues to play, by nurturing and advancing such a culture of giving for modern times. While school fees simply cover school operating costs, the provision of additional voluntarily-given charitable contributions creates the platform to fulfil the School's ambitions, and enables new ranks of Harrow Boys to reach their potential and build lifelong interests.


The Trustees and every member of the Development Trust continue to say "many thanks" to all supporters of Harrow's culture of giving. In the meantime, we aim to persuade as many more to join them on Harrow's Olympic rostrum.


Douglas Collins, CEO Harrow Development Trust