The importance of legacies to Harrow

Bequests have been enormously important to Harrow since its earliest years – indeed we owe our very foundation to the generosity and foresight of John Lyon. His reversionary legacy, which came into force after the death of his wife Joan, left considerable assets to the Governors and Keepers of this new educational establishment.

More than 400 years after Harrow was founded, the School is one of the most famous and successful boarding schools in the world. Harrow has only become the school it is today thanks to the past generosity and support of Old Harrovians and friends of Harrow, much of which came through legacy bequests.

A timeline of Legacies

1571 - John Lyon endowed the foundation of Harrow School through his Will
1851 - The School Bathing Place, popularly known as “Ducker” was improved with a gift from Head Master Dr Charles Vaughan
1901 – Edward Ernest Bowen, former House Master of The Grove, bequeathed The Grove and other property to the School
1916 – August Shepard Churchill bequeathed his large Estate (worth £100,000 at the time) to the School
1935 – Gregory Apcar bequeathed a very large endowment for the benefit of the School which enabled the completion and decoration of the Speech Room, the War Memorial Building and the purchase of premises on the High Street for formrooms and other purposes
2002 - In the Will of FW Harris, who died in 1950, a trust was created, the income of which was paid to a niece during her lifetime. When she died in 2002, the capital was received by Harrow 120 years after his time at the School

"Having been well served by Harrow I feel I owe it to present and future generations of Harrovians to leave a legacy towards the development and preservation of Harrow as a centre of excellence."

- Robert Elliott (Moretons 19383)