Major achievements 2007-2009


- The new Modern Languages Centre opens. Located next to the Music Schools, it houses 24 modern IT-efficient classrooms in an environmentally friendly design. All Modern Language teaching and some music technology lessons are now held in the new building.
- The Art department expands into classrooms in the Leaf Schools which have been vacated by the Modern Languages department. The new Leaf Gallery is opened on the ground floor.
- The Music Schools is treated to a major refurbishment particularly in the Concert Room where its original features are restored.
- A bequest from the estate of Derek Kelsey enables the School to establish bursary awards specifically for sons of Old Harrovians.
- A Reception for parents in the Remove year is held for the first time and launches the Remove Parents Bursary Fund.
- A planning application is submitted for a twelfth boarding house at Harrow.


- The sports renewal programme continues with improvements to the playing fields on both sides of the Hill. On the east side, rugby and soccer matches are now much less prone to cancellation in bad weather, while on the west side, work commences to renew all the cricket pitches and outfields.
- In a second phase of improvements, the mezzanine floor in the Art Schools is converted into an exhibition gallery named the Pasmore Gallery. The Leaf Gallery is converted into a painting studio.
- A donation of £1.5 million is received which endows further bursary awards.
- A campaign begins to fund the planting of hundreds of new trees on both sides of the Hill.
- The investment in IT continues and, ten years after the programme started, computers are installed in all the boys’ rooms in Houses.
- Matthew Fosh becomes a Harrow Governor and the new Development Board Chairman.
- An exhibition by Old Harrovian Photographers is held in the Old Speech Room Gallery and results in a number of photos being donated to the fledgling photography section of the Harrow Collection.


- Construction of the twelfth House at a cost of £8.5 million commences. Called Lyon’s, it opened in September 2010.
- Funding is acquired to build an extension to the Sports Hall where a new Fitness and Conditioning Centre will be located.
- The cricket season opens with much improved playing fields.