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Welcome to the Harrow Development Trust

The Harrow Development Trust works with Old Harrovians, parents and friends of Harrow School to raise funds for the development of the School’s facilities and for scholarships and bursaries for pupils.

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The Head Master Thanks Donors

“The positive impact that can be made by investment and donations was made very clear when Harrovians returned for the start of this term.  In West Acre and The Head Master’s in particular everyone was delighted by the refurbishment that took place over the summer.  The boys’ common rooms which happen to be underneath my accommodation in No 1 High Street have been transformed into the Hill’s finest, and have given The Head Master’s boarding house a great morale boost.  In addition, our excellent Physics Department now has its own IT suite and a ‘Harkness room’ for seminar style teaching, not to mention a fully equipped observatory which was installed during the past year. 

These kinds of investments make a huge difference and greatly improve the educational experience of the boys.  And of course, apart from buildings and facilities, our bursary funding has been enhanced by generous donations in recent months.  With around 25% of our boys receiving financial support at various levels, this enables many to come to Harrow who would otherwise find it impossible.”  

Jim Hawkins, Head Master 

Click here for more information on current projects around the school.

Why give to Harrow?

Although rich and varied in many ways, Harrow’s general reserves are minimal and school fees do not generate a surplus for bursaries or building new facilities. Today, the School still needs your support.

Annual results 2013-2014

The number of individuals, trusts or organisations who contributed to Harrow this year was 529, of which 108 were new or first-time donors. Click here for the full Annual Report of the Harrow Development Trust.

Harrow Challenge launches

On behalf of the School, the Harrow Development Trust has launched a new fundraising campaign, called the Harrow Challenge, which has the aim of raising £10 million for bursaries between 2010-2012. There are two elements to the Challenge - read more about it here.

Three Yards Annual Fund

The Three Yards Annual Fund is a way of donating to directly to your House or to support the School with Scholarships and Bursaries. You can make one-off donations but also contribute on a regular basis. To find out more click here or to make a donation now click here

Gentlemen, I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude at the remarkable result which we have been able to attain through your liberality." - Revd H Montagu Butler, Head Master of Harrow in 1871

"...we...would probably never be in the position to take part in Latin plays or making CDs or achieving A*s in public exams and all the other things that we get up to, if it were not for your immeasurable generosity...” - A Peter Beckwith Scholar