Where Does My Money Go?


Master Plan

Target: £80m

To date: £69m

Timeline: 2017-2020

Harrow is on the brink of beginning major renovation and construction projects on the eastern side of the Hill. These will include state-of-the-art new facilities for Chemistry and Biology, as well as a superb new Sports Centre. It also involves a transformative landscaping scheme, a consequence of which will be a welcome shift of the bulk of Boy traffic off the busy High Street.



Target: Short term - £50m; long term - >£100m

To date: £40m

A quarter of all boys in the School currently receive some level of financial support. The aim in the short term is to increase our bursary funding by £10m, allowing for 10 additional full-fee places permanently. Thereafter, the vision is to grow our endowment funds to more than £100m. These awards provide life-changing opportunities to a large number of boys who can benefit from the advantages of the Harrow education and experience.


House Projects

Every House has on-going needs and requirements and the Three Yards Annual Fund enables donors to give for specific House projects. Currently both The Grove and Druries are earmarked for much needed, significant renovations, at a cost of £2.5m each. These projects are scheduled to commence in 2017 and completed in 2018 (subject to funds being raised). In recent years, we have invested equivalent sums in improvements in The Head Master's and West Acre.



Through its donors, the HDT also supports a miscellany of other activities and projects including pupil tours overseas, IT department, heritage and conservation projects.

Essentially, the HDT values donations which are 'unrestricted' so that the Governors and Head Master can invest the funding where it is most pressingly needed in any given year.